I’m back

It’s Saturday, 36°, finished work for the day, I have a headache and am chewing on a bread twist tie (no idea where I picked it up from…oops), thinking of all the people I need to call but don’t feel like it and somehow this combination of circumstances has produced this…a new blog.

My last blog at least had a purpose (http://gringainguatemala.wordpress.com), to document my life changing-lets move to the other side of the world and work with street kids-epic adventure.

This blog, however, has no such specific purpose, except to serve as an outlet to the way-too-many thoughts and ideas that keep swimming around my head that for some reason seem to come out better when I write them down rather than try to have a conversation about them, and also since I am so bad at keeping up with friends it will also give you a convenient way to stalk me keep up with my life. 🙂

Faith. Chronic illness. 2 jobs. Uni. Amazing friends. Figuring out the best way to help latin america’s 40 million street kids. dairy allergies.
Welcome to my life.

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