Snooker players, pastry chefs and beautiful stories

In my quest to appreciate people more and be less self absorbed, I’ve made a beautiful discovery….people are absolutely fascinating.

In the past week, I’ve met a professional snooker player; a French pastry chef (apparently from one of Melbourne’s nicest restaurants…not that I would know!) who is married to a beautiful Zimbabwean; a professional blues singer with an oh-so-powerful voice; an Iraqi immigrant who has lived here for over 20 years and misses Iraq terribly but told me it would be too devastating to go back because no-one used to be hungry there but now everyone is hungry; a Greek lady who doesn’t miss Greece at all and told me was pleased to see me “working hard” (as I was standing there doing essentially, nothing) so I could save money because that’s how you get anywhere in life; and a man who took his mother on a caravan trip across the Nullarbor in 1976 and had some very interesting moments involving rubbish tips and elderly drivers.

So it turns out that people are way more interesting than I thought.

I wonder how many amazing stories we miss just because it is so easy to gravitate towards those people that look, talk, act, and think just like us….just because it is so, well, easy.

And I wonder how many beautiful lives we miss just because we are so busy busy busy…

But maybe we’re missing out.

Somehow every single person’s story is beautiful and unique in it’s own way; some in their simplicity, others in their generosity and others in their excitement.

But to be able to appreciate each one, maybe we just need to take the time to stop, take an interest, listen and care.

See if you can beat my list of interesting people 🙂

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