today = beautiful.

Right now it’s just me, my macbook, two outdoor chairs (one for the feet) and the shade of a pretty tree on a perfect summer’s day trying to catch up on emails and an endless to do list. (The endless to do list is proving a little overwhelming which is why I am instead writing pointless blog posts.)

I decided to be a homebody today. As boring and antisocial it is, I figured it was a wise idea, because having a cold for over a month (complete with sore throat and blocked nose) and feeling incredibly grouchy probably means it’s time to rest up a bit.

I find it hard to do nothing. There are so many amazing and fun experiences to be had…and being busy makes me feel like a valuable human being…but it all keeps catching up with me at the moment and so I have decided to be sensible and take some time to get my strength back before uni starts.

I wish my brain had an off switch. There are always a million ideas swimming around in there and things I need to do and people I want to talk to…if only I could shut it off for awhile.

Anyway, today:

  • I am starting to freak out about uni. Not sure why, just still having trouble deciding on electives and starting to realise I’m actually going to have to do work. Have a spanish test on Thursday to see what level I can start at so I can skip the real boring stuff. Yay.
  • Just finished Scrubs season 5. Totally digging scrubs atm. Go through strange phases when it comes to TV shows where I just suddenly get really into one show and don’t want to watch anything else.
  • Finally started making some thankyou cards for people that were an amazing support and encouragement while I was in Guatemala. Got bored with making them after 5 minutes.
  • Realised I may be suffering from information overload. Currently have 10 books in my ‘currently reading’ pile, 1000+ unread posts in my google reader (and yet I keep subscribing to more) and only just managed to finish last week’s Weekend Australian. May be time to cut down.
  • Looking forward to only having one job after this week. Will be sad to finish up my shifts with World Vision but the working-2-jobs and standing-all-day thing is just taking too much of my limited energy at the moment.
  • Thinking that a few days at the beach in Feb would be really nice before uni starts. Wanna join me? Or offer me a beach house? 😀

That’s me. Thanks for listening.

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