June = Thailand and Cambodia!!!

Yesterday I had a phone conversation with one of my closest friends that went something like this:

Her: Want to go to Thailand and Cambodia between semesters?
Me: Um, ok!

And just like that a new adventure was born! Hooray!

Is it silly considering it will be rain season and my stomach is still horribly sick 4 months after guatemala and I have spent all of today wanting to throw up and it will be my first break after starting uni where I probably should just rest and do nothing??


But who cares…

You only live once right…

We are coming up with some wonderful ideas for our 3 week adventure. Ruins and cooking and language and roughing it. I would love to visit some projects for children at risk to gather ideas for my future street kid project.

Hooray for travelling.

This will mean that in a 2 year space of time I will have been to Europe, the Middle East, North and Central America and Asia. Woohoo. Apparently I am turning into a nomad of sorts.

Time to learn some Thai.

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