why I may need therapy

I have seriously whacked out dreams. Most nights.

Last night, I met some giant (of skyscraper height) fat people working in a quarry that resembled giant red ants nests, while trying to find a way to cheer up this poor guy who was depressed, all the while fending off the anger of someone who was very upset with me for trying to help this poor miserable guy rather than help them with their scrapbooking. After sneaking through someone’s house in the dark it all came to a dramatic end when a giant rock-man on top of a hill in the quarry collapsed and huge boulders came crashing down the hill. I woke up just as I looked up to see one about to crush me to death.

It was quite an adventure.

Sometimes my subconscious attempts to tackle deep issues in my sleep, like a few weeks ago when I decided to find the root cause of all my insecurities. So in this dream we started digging around this plant that apparently was my insecurities; and we kept digging and digging and there was just this giant green stem that went down and down. We hit a hard layer like concrete; pulled out a jackhammer, got through it. Dug and dug. And then we found it….the head of a giant green monster, looking upwards, mouth wide open and the plant coming out of it’s mouth like the tongue. So we went, aargh that’s it. The cause of all my insecurities. Dream over.

Weird, much?

My brain freaks me out sometimes.

Know a good therapist?


At least my dreamland adventures don’t seem as crazy or as colourful as those of the SleepTalkinMan…”Babies don’t bounce. They don’t bounce! Shame. It’d be much more fun if they bounce.” Funny stuff. But beware, not always family friendly.

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