My favourite places…

I was thinking yesterday about how I have had the most amazing opportunities to see some truly incredible places in the world. I thought I would share my favs:

Interlaken, Switzerland
The most breathtaking place I have ever been…you look one way, there are stunning snow capped Swiss alps in front of an ice-blue lake; you turn around, and it only gets more incredible. I could not get over the beauty of this place. Only regret is that I didn’t have the chance to go paragliding there like I wanted…but one day…

Wild Wadi’s Water World, Dubai
There is nothing quite like those places where you can go and just be a kid. Think Aladin plus an abundance of waterslides…but waterslides you don’t have to climb up to go down; because you get in at the bottom, and jets of water blast you up to the top. Oh yea. Except for the Jumeirah Sceirah…you have to climb some stairs to go down this 33 meter 80kph killer of a slide. So much fun.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
If you want some serious time travel, go here. It’s well-preserved medieval old town is simply incredible…the streets, the buildings, the parks, the old city wall all make you feel like you have just stepped into another era. Then there are the pretty Christmas shops and the giant teddy bear to visit, or the torture museum if it all gets a bit to pretty for you… so yea it’s touristy…but I loved it…

La Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
So it’s nearly impossible to choose a favourite place in Central America. Loved them all for different reasons. But am going to put the ‘tourist capital’ of Guatemala…simply because of it’s beauty. In my 2 months living in this city while studying Spanish, I never ever ceased to have my breath taken away when I turned the corner and there was another street lined with colourful colonial buildings with a volcano at it’s end. And I love how you can sit in central park and be entertained for hours by clowns and skaters and tourists from an endless number of nationalities. It simply felt like an amazing place to live. Plus, it has the nicest McDonalds in the world.

Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory
Something about jumping off cliffs into beautiful natural pools (with the slight risk of death by crocodiles…) that makes you feel really alive. Thanks to my amazing friend Juanita I got the chance to fall in love with Darwin, Kakadu and Litchfield in 2008. Remind me again…why do I live in Victoria?

OK I could go on. Next on my list would be London, England and Verona, Italy. But my list is long enough.

Seriously, this world is an amazing place. Go see it.

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