Today I thought my legs were green.

Today I am wearing light green leggings and a long black top. I was sitting outside today enjoying the sunshine when I saw my leggings clad legs out of the corner of my eye, and I thought, “oh, why am I not wearing pants?” followed a [long] second later by this: “oh, hang on, that’s right my legs aren’t green. I am wearing leggings.” Sometimes I really embarrass/scare myself.

Anyway my week:

  • I rediscovered the joys of free time now that I am officially down to one job.
  • I finally went to the vibrant night markets with my beautiful friend who is heading off to africa next week (jealous)
  • I sadly farewelled my talented artist friend (see left…a gift for me!) who is moving to the Gold Coast (once again, jealous)
  • I spent some lovely time chillaxing with Jess and planning our epic asia adventure.
  • Found and bought a gorgeous black jacket. Now just wish it was cold enough to wear it. oh hang on I hate the cold. I guess I can wait.
  • Spent some quality time shopping with my gorgeous lil sis (that was before she thrashed me on Wii Mario Cart…)
  • Had the depressing realisation that freckles don’t actually go away with time so made peace with the fact that the hundreds I gained in Guatemala are here to stay.
  • Got a pleasant surprise when I found out that for uni I get to start my Spanish studies at level 5…(3rd year level)…when I was anticipating level 2 or 3. Guess I haven’t lost as much of it as I thought.
  • And tried to spend lots of time resting up…still feeling way sicker than I would like (imagine having the flu + a stomach bug together, all the time…headaches, nausea, pain, exhaustion…that’s pretty much me all the time right now) and I’m determined to be significantly better when uni starts in 3 weeks.

My week to come:

  • Work. It’s going to be nice and quiet at least. Yay.
  • Luna Park. Yes. Yay.
  • Book flights for asia. hopefully. yay.
  • A few more coffees with friends I have been hopelessly slack at catching up with. Yay.
  • And then the usual goals….tackle my endless to do list, get my life in order, suddenly wake up feeling not sick at all, deal with my emotional baggage and insecurities, finally get involved in a community meals place, finish the 100 books on my to read pile,…you know, so by the end of this week I should be pretty much perfect.

    The end.

    For now.

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