My old introverted tendencies have been rearing their heads a bit lately and I there have been many moments in the last few weeks where I have preferred to stay at home with a good book rather than socialise. yes, I know.

I think it is partly because I know my free time is limited (my life is about to get a little crazy again with uni and volunteer work and work), partly because I have been feeling sick still and partly because I have a huge pile of books that I really want to read.

At the moment reading about someone’s travels in Cambodia, been sucked in by another Dekker novel – super-natural thriller (maybe not the most sophisticated books in the world but they do suck me in…don’t judge me! 🙂 ) and a great little find about microfinancing (called The Poor Will Be Glad…good book so far, strong American perspective but seems to present some major issues facing aid and development in a very clear way).

And I just finished Soul Cravings.

Thankyou Erwin McManus.

Good stuff.

It’s short reflective chapters are in such perfectly digestible doses that I thoroughly enjoyed reading a few chapters a night. I love how it addresses some questions and desires that I have long felt but not understood…helping me to process it, and make me feel a little less abnormal.

If you are searching…wrestling with stuff…read it. I’ll loan it to you.


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