…I got excited cos I’ve been working out and I’m starting to feel some toned muscles where there was previously just jelly. yay.

…I was suitably shocked when I heard what tony abbott had to say about homelessness. gosh not looking forward to the election cos I just don’t want to vote for any of em.

…I laughed out loud in front of customers when after 3 dead quiet hours with no action 3 ladies walked in…at exactly the same time. all wanting to be served on the spot. It happens to me without fail…I just don’t get how given the laws of probability, it can happen so often that my only customers of the day will all come in at the same time. It never rains but it pours…

That was my rather uneventful day.

2 responses to “today…

  1. I saw that piece about Abbot in the paper this morning. I am looking forward to the election, so I can once again vote Labor & Liberal second last & last

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