information overload

O-Week at RMIT

This week was o-week at uni.

My head might actually explode soon. And the studying hasn’t even started.

This week:

  • I have met hundreds of new people
  • Finally received my timetable & confirmation of subjects & therefore work roster
  • I’ve been speed dating (minus the dating part)
  • Sat through way too many sessions on complicated online info systems and libraries (but at least I’m prepared!!)
  • Was slightly overwhelmed when presented with the million different options for arranging my degree through electives and field studies and internships
  • Have been offered the chance to join hundreds of different clubs and associations
  • Accepted a volunteer role at The Oaktree Foundation after much umming and aahing about taking on too much this year AND
  • Finally figured out how to use buses near my house (funny how buses in Guatemala never scared me but I could never seem to figure them out here in Melbourne).

But I am so glad to finally be at uni….it’s been a journey since year 12: 5 years, 13 countries, 3 houses, 1 church internship, 1 new language, many new friends and experiences and 10,000 different career choices later….

But I have finally decided what to study. And I am so far really really happy with my course.

Hello university! Goodbye free time!

Better late than never.

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