it’s procrastination week!

…so in celebration I am blogging instead of studying. (and yes it really is procrastination week!)

I have survived first week of uni. And it was easier than I thought, at least initially. Hooray.

But not without drama when my neck randomly decided to seize up on tuesday; suddenly I couldn’t move my head or shoulder without a searing pain shooting right up into my head. Ouch.

I still couldn’t move today and in my desperate search for a solution I ended up at the chiropractor’s next to my work, who apparently is much more into healing energies and meditation and crystals than um well, chiropracting. But he saw me for free (win!) complete with xrays and I can at least move my head a little more. Highly inconvenient to have a neck that won’t work when you’ve just started uni. Anyway, I have to see this sharman chiropractor for a follow up consult next week and so I am hoping I will be able to come up with a polite way to decline his complete healing services without insulting his generosity. Or maybe I should just give in and turn new age…after all I am already almost a vegan (for another post to come soon) and have spent enough time hanging out with hippies in Lake Atitlan.

OK this post doesn’t really have a point. except to enable me to procrastinate.

I leave you this word of advice my Guatemalan “mum” just emailed me:


Cuidado con los chicos.
Be careful with boys.


thanks for reading.

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