my life might not be everything I want it to be but at least it’s not boring.

my saturday was….unusual.

It started with a cold. As in headache, running nose.

Then I went to uni. Yes, on a saturday.

Which meant I found myself squashed with about a million people on a train (so i guess the footy was on yesterday).

I had to spend 3+ hours walking all around Melbourne visiting buildings I didn’t know existed.

I almost got ran into by someone running around with a blindfold on.

I saw the most giant bubbles and saw the coolest kid dancing to michael jackson and saw the jets doing their thing for the grand prix.

I saw a beautiful indian bride taking her wedding photos on the steps of parliament house.

I walked the whole way AROUND the flower and garden show…without stepping a foot inside it.

THEN the randomness increased when suddenly I found myself alone washing dishes in a strangers house in Brunswick.

Yes. It was absurd and I laughed.

Then for the first time ever I ate barbecued garlic bread (yes really), then came a little wine and a little salsa dancing with a mix of colombians and asians at said strangers house.

By this time my legs were complaining and my cold was fully developed and head throbbing but I survived the 2 hour tram and train ride home and was very very happy to crawl into bed and dream of salsa and cathedrals and china town.

that was my saturday.

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