things you didn’t know about me: #2

In August, my life came this close to ending. yep, I was almost killed by a coconut.

I was in Belize, sitting in one of those chairs (see pic), under one of those trees (see pic), enjoying the sea breeze (see pic) and trying not to melt into a puddle of sweat in the 100% wet season humidity (hard to see in pic) of the carribean, when I glanced up and noticed my head was situated directly under a bunch of very ripe looking coconuts.

Hmm, I thought, maybe moving would be a good idea.

So I dragged my chair a meter across to a safer looking tree.

And less than an hour later I was awakened by a thump….and looked over to see one of the above mentioned coconuts resting on the ground right where I had been sitting.

Yup, it could’ve been the end of me in Belize that day.

[Then the ‘coconut man’ came over and hacked the top of the coconut off with a machete, stuck some ice and a straw in it, handed it to me & I enjoyed sweet revenge on the coconut that tried to take my life.]


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