thorny trees & tears

Staircase on Mayan Temple in Guatemala (yes I've been there!)

Lately my mind has been thinking of life as a staircase. One long, giant climb; occasionally you have bursts of energy and manage to sprint up a few steps; other times it takes all you can to lift your leg up to the next step. But the only way to get anywhere is one – step – at – a – time.

In those tired moments, it’s easy to look up and feel completely overwhelmed when you see how far you’ve got to go; but somehow, you can always find what you need to take that next step.

And each step, however easy or painful, offers an increasingly magnificent view.

You may have figured that I’m at a rather tired exhausted stage on my staircase climb. I am amazingly grateful for the immense blessings in my life but the last 6 months have thrown some huge emotional and physical challenges my way. And life has been feeling very uphill.

But this weekend, something happened. It was like I was finally able to turn around and take a good look at the view….and it was magnificent.

I have some fresh energy (well, mentally at least) to keep on climbing. God and I dealt some stuff out and I am feeling inspired, peaceful and ready to take that next step.

ok enough metaphors.

quick life update:

  • my mum is home from hospital.
    thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, but keep em going cos she’s still sick as anything & can’t eat anything but potatoes and pumpkins.

  • turns out that because of all the recent family drama i am well behind in uni readings and assignments. aargh. thank God for kind tutors and extensions and good grades on my first assignments/tests so i can actually think that maybe i can do this.
  • turns out the subjunctive spanish verb tense is as difficult as everyone says it is. aargh.
  • turns out i still can’t eat without feeling sick and have more aches and pains than ever. *sigh*
  • turns out this post is getting way too long and is only causing me to procrastinate from those many uni readings and assignments desperately seeking my attention.
  • turns out that the presence of God is still the most amazing feeling and that life is still beautiful.

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