new treatment. scary. exciting.

I try not to talk about being sick too much ‘cos it’s a drag to hear about all the time. Even I get sick of hearing about it.

But the fact is ill health is having a very significant impact (negatively…) on my life at the moment (I mean how many people have to use oxygen while they do their assigments? makes me feel like a little old person).

But this is exciting. I have officially started a new treatment to deal with my CFS/ME after seeing a specialist from Belgium.

It involves a truckload (and moneyload) of supplements and cycles of antibiotics.


  • …because apparently it has a good chance of making me worse before I get better…something to do with releasing nasty bacteria from cells and therefore increasing the load on my already under-functioning immune system.
  • …because there is no promise that this will work.
  • …because it involves having to inject myself daily. ew.

However, exciting:

  • …because it feels good to be doing something; to be giving myself a significant chance of fixing the root of all this chronic pain, nausea, exhaustion, constant flu like symptoms, and to dream of one day feeling like a normal person….

So far: have completed one week of this treatment. Have survived. However have had a dreadful weekend and have nearly fainted several times and managed to get very little study done. but hey at least it’s doing something. feeling positive.

3 weeks of semester left. just need to hang in there 3 weeks more…then 5 sweet weeks of holidays. apart from work. but still. yay!

2 responses to “new treatment. scary. exciting.

  1. The doctor you mention in Belgium, is it by chance Dr. Kenny De Meirleir?

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