what a semester.

Handing in my final assignment.

It feels like a lifetime since I started uni just over four short months ago.

And during my first semester of formal higher-education study ever:
My mum went to hospital. several times.
And during that time I somehow managed to still get a 2,000 word research essay done. woo.
I got sicker. and started some crazy new treatment.
I worked a lot. probably too much.
I had to quit my volunteer work. was temporarily depressed.
I discovered that travelling is a whole lot more fun than writing essays. was once again temporarily depressed.
I somehow got ridiculously good grades in spanish. who knew. if only it were all that easy.

and then somehow 2 weeks arrived in which I had to write 5 essays and study for 2 exams.

and yet somehow in all that craziness…end of semester arrived!! and it all got done! I can’t believe how fast it went. I did actually enjoy it. I’m pretty sure I have learnt stuff (getting some value for money. good.).

But now

it’s time

for holidays.

Let the wild rumpus begin!

hmm maybe I just need a nap first.

But seriously. have plans. time for some fun/relaxing/dvd watching/reading for the sake of it not cos i have to write an assignment on it/chilling/socialising and actually being a good friend for once/cooking/roadtrips/getting health sorted.

yea. happy. 🙂

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