The uncertainty surrounding CFS/ME (chronic fatigue syndrome) regarding its cause can make it very difficult to explain (especially when you have no energy to do so).

Found this promo to what looks like could be an interesting doco (hasn’t actually been made yet..). Great watch for CFS/ME sufferers and anyone interested in the illness.

It looks like it will tackle the issues of misdiagnosis and depression and also contain interesting information regarding the latest research, relating to the discovery of the retrovirus XMRV and its possible link to CFS/ME (scary…yes…and so far unproven; but anything that has the potential to validate the severity of the illness and leads to a potential cause is exciting! this discovery is the reason the Australian Red Cross has banned CFS/ME sufferers from donating blood…)

Have a watch. 🙂

a longer and different promo is available here – What About M.E.

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