How my dad set himself on fire & broke the TV and other true stories..

My dad set himself on fire this week.

True story.

He was cooking. But there are a few strange factors involved.

  • Firstly, he did not realise he was on fire.
  • Secondly, he was not standing that close to the stove.
  • Thirdly, at the exact moment mum and I saw that he was on fire and started yelling, the TV went fuzzy and loud as if dad had actually been overcome by some sort of lightning/electric superpower that was trying to take over the house.
  • Lastly, after some yelling and flapping he managed to distinguish the flame and remove his jumper. The only remnant of the inferno was a little black tinge and a disgusting smell. BUT …one wash later, and the jumper is brand new – no smell, no black. weird. Oh, also as soon as the flame was out the TV went back to normal.

Super strange happenings in my house. Oh well, my family never was normal anyway.

At least he’s OK.’s been another nice quiet week of holidays, sleeping, reading (loved reading the year of living biblically…how an agnostic decided to live the bible as literally as possible for a year. I learnt a lot), injecting myself (prescribed meds…it’s ok…see below), cooking (my pad thai really rocks now. I am totally conquering this ‘cant cook’ thing), hanging with some great friends, Toy Story 3, trying to sort out complicated cross-institutional uni enrolments, oh and stocktake at work. not so fun.

also, trying my hardest not to be sick and not succeeding. I have noticed increased traffic due to the CFS/ME stuff…so will post some more on my experiences soon…

Today I leave you with these words of wisdom:
stay away from the stove, combustible clothes and rogue electricity.


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