MDG’s – UK is outdoing Australia?!

Today I read something that got me a little frustrated.

The UK economy along with much of Europe has had a bit of a rough ride lately, and is looking at certain austerity measures, some of which are addressed in a recently released emergency budget in an effort to revive the economy.

Australia, on the other hand, has come out of the GFC with barely a scratch and our current government is anticipating that our budget will be back in surplus by 2013.

Why is it then, that the UK is able to still stand by its pledge to increase foreign aid to 0.7% GNI (gross national income) by 2013 (the agreed millennium development goal commitment) while the Australian government is still only committed to an increase to just 0.5% of GNI by 2015?

We were at the same UN summit in 2000, committed to the same millennium development goals which required the same agreement about an aid commitment of 0.7% of GNI and yet we are being poorly outdone by many nations (see us compared on a graph here). Come on, Australia…we can do better than that…

feeling motivated? take action here

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