Things you didn’t know about me #5

Remember how in primary school how you would label your pencils by shaving a little off the bottom end and write your name on it?

Well. I’m lucky enough to have this done for me at work.

Yes, I have my name on my own labelled pencil at work.

I work at an optometrist, and apparently too many pencils were going missing or something so one day I came in and found instructions to use only this special pencil with my name scribbled on it….and to guard it with my life.

So now when I have the phone tucked under my ear, trying to book an appointment for a patient, I find it now takes a minute or so longer as I find myself scrambling through a jar of pencils in an effort to find mine and avoid the sense of guilt that descends when I find myself using someone else’s.

A little absurd. Yes. But my employers are really lovely so it’s ok.

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