Humiliating moment of the weekend.

Yesterday while plugged into the oxygen machine I decided to take some time to just chill and get swept away by some sweet tunes.

So I got settled all comfortably…pillows just right…hit play on my trusty iPod classic….and nothing happened.

Nooooo it can’t have broken…..I need my iPod….all those train rides….

So I shifted the volume right up to max…and could just make out a whisper of noise.

Hmm at least its working a little…

I unplugged and replugged the headphones. Stopped and started the song.

No difference.

Only then, did it finally occur to me, that the earbuds were not in my ears.


I laughed. I blame it on the fact that on the sickness scale it was a super stormy day.

In other news, it’s back to the books tomorrow. It’s been a pleasant last week of holidays…scored free tix to see the Runaways, caught up with some friends, worked, met author Ron Sider and got some beautiful life advice from his lovely (and tiny) wife, slept a lot.

Could do with another few weeks of holidays though. preferably in a hammock somewhere tropical.

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