24 on the 24th

Last year I was celebrating my birthday poolside under a tropical sun with a bunch of beautiful little Guatemalan girls who had become my family. It was amazing, and my birthday post was all ‘carpe diem’!

This year, it’s a little different.

Apart from the fact that being back in the southern hemisphere makes it once again freezing cold and miserable on my birthday, I find myself in a very different place than I was a year ago.

Sure, I’m all about adventures and risks and seizing the day….It’s just that I can’t so much right now.

It has been a more humbling year, a year for realising that even when you have brilliant and big plans there you will still encounter things out of your control.

And that even when your plans get put on hold, and you encounter rough times, there is still beauty to be found in the everyday.

Things like music. Faith. Faith that holds steady in spite of the storms. A hug. A good day that follows a bad day. Your mother coming home from hospital. Good grades at the end of semester. A whole evening spent laughing. Discovering a new favourite TV show. Receiving wonderful ‘eco’ gifts from your family.

So I may not be where I thought I would be; I may not (yet) have changed the world, rescued street children, created a business, married, earned a degree, etc etc. I may have had to cancel my Asia trip and quit my volunteer work and instead learn to inject myself and sleep every spare moment I can.

It may not have been the most enjoyable year. But you know, I think I am OK with that.

I am alive, grateful, hopeful, being spoiled by my family, and hopefully a little older and wiser than before.

Let the good times roll…


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