Stolen keyrings and keynesian economics

My course guide tells me I should be reading “The State, The Market and Economic Development: A Second Look at Adam Smith in Theory and Practice” and “Helping strangers is lower in embedded cultures”, but I’m not.

Instead I’m blogging and having some great chats to friends around the world on facebook and realising how bad my spanish has become and day dreaming of the day my doctor will let me travel again.

Two things:
If you have a car and its keys…why would you steal the keyring…instead of the car?
Yesterday at work I must’ve dropped my keys outside my car on the ground. I am good with keys. I have only locked them in the car once in my 6 years of driving (6 years? yikes) and never before lost them. I didn’t realise until the end of the day, when my frantic search found them placed on the car boot. MINUS my beautiful beaded Guatemalan Quetzal keyring.

So. What logic leaves a person decent enough to pick up the keys and place them on the car without stealing the car or anything in the car, but then decides to take my keyring?


But I am grateful the car was still there (considering its not even mine). Perhaps they thought it was a just reward for finding my keys.

Second thing – News now appears to me to be a giant telenovela.
News/politics/economics/international relations is so much more interesting when you actually understand it.

Uni has surprised me by showing me how incredibly ignorant I actually am of how the world works and now that International Political Economy is forcing me to finally get my head around some of it I am pretty much addicted to the news.

So watching the news is now akin to watching some sort of complex TV drama unfold…I get excited waiting to see what happens in each installment….hate to miss any of it….read the BBC world headlines as soon as I wake up…and it’s even better than a TV drama cos it’s REAL! (or worse I guess in some cases…relating to all the bad stuff…and the people who have to go through it).

Strange, yes. Just being honest. And really can’t believe what an ignorant little world I’ve been living in.

Enough pointless rambling. I apologise for the lack of creative content lately. Brain’s a bit full.

Off to read more about neoliberalism and to feel annoyed at how greedy humans can be. Thanks for reading

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