Wild weather

Not only has the wild wind and rain here been giving me nightmares (I don’t know why…but when it’s really windy and noisy outside I just have these horrible dreams involving fat men and kidnappers trying to machete people’s arms off. disturbing? yes.) but the weather seems to have been causing nightmares everywhere lately.

Victoria’s flooded. Pakistan, drowned.

And now I’ve just seen this:

State of emergency declared in Guatemala due to heavy rains. 10 died in that bus when it was swallowed by a landslide.

It struck me because…that bus was on the route that I travelled on all the time. It wasn’t some remote rural town. It could’ve been the people I sat next to some rides. It could have been people I know. If I was still there, it could’ve been me.


Enough with the rain already.

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