TEDChris: The Untweetable: Pakistan Flood Stories

I appreciate the power of stories. This one is worth a read.
“This is Urooj. She is nine years old. She was born in the villages of Jacobabad. Her father is a farmer. She has seven brothers and three sisters. She loves playing with babies and is so happy that her mother has given her a baby brother just last week. “I wanted a sister, but brother is okay too.”

She has the biggest grin on her face as she watches us distribute the food. When an old woman comes knocking on our car window, Urooj is dancing in the background making twirling gestures with her fingers. “She’s crazy”, she mouths to me. “This old woman is crazy, ignore her, ignore her!” She lets out a peal of laughter when the old woman turns and swats at her.” …read on at TEDChris: The Untweetable.

And while on Pakistan, if you want to really see what conditions are like watch this tour of a paediatric hospital, as shown on the same blog:

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