6 months.

6 months I was told today.

6 months, and I should start to feel better.

6 months and maybe I won’t need to sleep 12 hours a night.
6 months and maybe I can do more than 10 minutes of exercise without dying.
6 months and maybe I can eat without feeling sick.
6 months and maybe the aching legs will ache less.
6 months and maybe I will have the energy to reinvest in all the friendships I’ve neglected.
6 months and maybe life will once again become less about just surviving each day and more about enjoying life.


Saw my specialist today, he was wonderfully optimistic about my prognosis. “Don’t worry about you’re symptoms, they’re all normal.” Ha. “You should start to feel better in about six months.” What are my chances of being able to spend some more time in the developing world in 2012 without becoming very ill again? Good, apparently.


A bit of optimism is nice to re-instill hope when life is like a marathon. Just gotta hang in there for those 6 months, then hopefully I’ll start to feel human again.

Also, some fantastic news for my very ill mother and sister, involving some newly developed treatments and more optimistic prognosis’.

Even more brilliant.

So friends that I have neglected, you hopefully can expect to hear from me in half a year or so. 😀


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