Today is a sad day…

…because Tony, the courier who brought our daily deliveries at work, has left his job.

Tony is a middle aged migrant who speaks very broken english (this has made for some very interesting conversations!).

I realised today that he has taught me a lot. In fact, he has taught me how to treat people.

Because every day that he comes in, without fail he dishes out compliments left right and centre. ie:

“Oh, that’s very nice colour on you.”
“You are very friendly, always smiling. It’s like like you are shining.”
“You are so smart. You are going to be boss of World Vision one day. Remember me when you’re famous.” (Haha.)
“If I have a daughter, I want her be just like you.”
“Remember, a great person, if he work hard and fall down, he get up and go again. Keep studying.”
“Your boss is very lucky to have you back after you went to Guatemala.”

He’s a busy man, who has to start work very early and drive all around Melbourne; we were the last stop of his shift. Yet tired and grumpy? Never. He doesn’t let the language barrier stop him. He is professional (not creepy – promise) but doesn’t let business get in the way of treating people like…well…people. Before I went to Guatemala he even made me a CD of Spanish songs to help me learn the language.

Just goes to show how we can have an impact on people we only have short interactions with each day.

Bye, Tony.

I am going to miss my daily self-esteem boost.


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