My bizarro week

I have had a rather bizarre week.

Filled with bizarre events like this:

– Standing at the station. A guy comes up and leans against the wall, his face centimetres from mine. I just smile and stare back. “Interesting? Interesting,” he goes. Then he laughs and walks off.

– Sat opposite a guy on the train yelling into his phone. It went something like this: “have you felt anything weird lately? I tell you something’s dark, real dark, like spiritually. Do you know Sumo, my alter ego? Yea he tends to get a bit angry….” Hmm..

– An entertaining although controversial blogger (he’s not exactly politically correct) from Guatemala (in fact the most popular blogger from Central America) I read regularly was ARRESTED; apparently wanted by the FBI for fraud (apparently scheming people out of $tens of thousands). Story is that he fled the US by bus with his wife and nine children (now 10), and lived happily near Antigua, Guatemala for over a year, under a different name, making quite a celebrity of himself within the local community. Bizarro. And how his wife and kids are stuck in Guate, penniless. Sad. Reminded me of other times people I’ve known have pretended to be someone there not. Also sad.

– Someone keeps calling work and hanging up right after I finish my greeting. Irritating.

– Got a parking fine for parking in the same place I have parked all year while I’m at uni. That’s at least 75 times this year, and only fined once. Granted, it is a 3 hour zone. But after the first 70 times of parking there I thought I was pretty safe. So why on second last week of lectures? Why???

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