How the sun celebrated with me

Yesterday, it’s as if the weather knew what a brilliant day it was.

After a week of exams, at 4:30pm I stepped out of my last Spanish test for the semester, handed in my last handful of ‘tareas’, and stepped into the freedom of holidays.

And the world knew; I made my way through Melbourne Uni’s stately old buildings to one of its lawns and found a quiet spot amongst the partying crowds to lie on the rich spring grass and stare at the blue, blue sky, pop my earphones in and celebrate with the sun.

And at first it was hard to just lie there, because my mind told me that I should be studying, reviewing for an exam, writing an assignment. But then I reminded my mind that…there was nothing to do.

Because…I had officially survived first year of uni!!! (OK, so technically I still have one exam, but it’s weeks away and easy.)

It’s been good, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve studied, but given the challenges of being sick and just the regular old stress of exams, there is nothing like that feeling of…just…finishing for awhile.

The sun stayed. It knew. I wondered why there were still peak hour crowds as I headed down Swanston St, cos it felt like the whole world should be on holidays.

The Rooftop Bar knew. It was packed. I met up with fellow equally jubilant students and soaked in the sun and views and the freedom together. Even the thai restaurant knew. Mmmm.

Overreaction to finishing first year?? Hardly. This year has been a rough one and has thrown many challenges. You have no idea how good it feels to have a break from the pressure.

Now, tomorrow…off to Bateman’s Bay and Sydney and the Blue Mountains with my dear friend Bronwyn. Hooray!

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