Wikileaks, Nativities, Fiji & Doctors

Julian Assange nativity


I have this weird problem. I feel like it’s always the weekend.

Most people, I believe, feel like the weekend never comes around fast enough. But I keep waking up, and it’s another Saturday. Which means another week has flown by. And I just can’t seem to figure out where those weeks keep going. And since I work weekends, I guess I don’t get as excited as most.

here we are, mere weeks away from 2011. and I’m still sitting here dumbfounded as to where 2010 went.

So anyway…life has this weird habit of throwing the unexpected at you. Some good (impulse new years trips to fiji)…some bad (realising that the news the doctor is telling you is actually more serious than your realised). But it just keeps on throwing it.

I have no shortage of things to write about. I can’t sleep at night; this morning I woke at 3:30am and…well maybe I should become a baker. Plenty of thinking time.

But I just haven’t gotten around to writing it.

You can expect a whole lot of Guatemala stories to come out soon though. They just keep popping up in my head and I don’t want to lose them. And a rant about attempting to get people to give a damn about stopping child labour whilst they are in the midst of the rush that is christmas rampant consumerism.

Thanks for keeping on stopping by.

I’ll leave you with a bit of a visual diary:

(who says vegan can't be tasty...)


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