Just can’t get enough of Hans Rosling…

Amazing to see how the enlightenment/industrial revolution/capitalism/the 21st century has so rapidly transformed life on earth from anything previously known before.

Will be interesting/scary/exciting to see how it will continue to transform it in the future….hopefully us human beings will be able to pull together enough to realise that:

a) many (if not most…) systems within the world’s prevailing capitalist/free trade ideologies are inherently unfair to the global south and that some shifts must be made in order to ensure that extreme poverty is completely eliminated. When there is enough food in the world and treatments to cure fatal illnesses, extreme poverty must not be tolerated.

b) economic growth based on endlessly-increasing consumption is completely unsustainable and therefore simply…cannot…last…(not to mention the whole ruining the planet deal and messing with peoples’ heads about their identity)…therefore…

c) new, fairer, sustainable, and far less greedy economic models must be investigated, trialled, discovered, established so that the world doesn’t slip back into that poor/sick corner (see above video).

While I have my complaints with our over-indulgent consumeristic society I have to admit that I am a fan of many innovations of modernity…flushing toilets, hospitals, comfy beds, the progress of gender equality. So rather than despair at our short comings, which are many I know, I like to hope that somehow us humans who managed to improve the quality of life for so many will somehow pull together and not only make these advantages sustainable, but also a reality for all…


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