Bula Everybody!

[slightly longish and unedited ramble today. read at your own peril.]
I’m not sure when 2011 started for me. The one clock (to be trusted??) told us it was ten to midnight when we were told to all jump onto the dancefloor (ie beach). “Let’s countdown!” our MC yelled. So swapping confused glances we shouted down from 10 and yelled our HAPPY NEW YEARS and jumped on the multitude of balloons that descended on us all whilst the clock told us it was still 2010.

And so, on Fiji time (ie whenever you feel like it), the new year began.

I was determined to last until the sunrise bonfire. But my body was determined to sleep. So…epic fail by 4am. Only a handful of people lasted, one being my travel buddy Jess who somehow was so invigorated by the tropics that following sunrise (and waking me up) she proceeded to go kayaking, swimming, and socialising until finally crashing in bed the following night.

Fiji was magic. Fiji was a week on 28 acres of paradise. I was made for the outdoors. And walking barefoot. (My first day at home I almost went crazy being inside; by 11am I was running around the park barefoot with my lil sister)

Fiji was sunshine. Heat. Drinking green coconuts. Trying not to get killed by falling coconuts.

Fiji was food. Fiji was bucket showers. Fiji was crazy games (funny what adults will do when they’re on holidays….ever seen 30 year olds running around playing shark attack?? HAHA!). Swimming. Snorkelling. Sleeping. Dancing.

Fiji was sitting on the beach every evening, playing guitar and singing and drinking kava.

Fiji was visiting a church with the most amazing singing in the world. Fiji was saying Bula 1,000 times a day.

Most of all, Fiji was people. Fiji was new friends. Travellers and islanders. The staff = soooo beautiful. Amazing people. Make you feel part of a wonderful community. And amazing dancers!! Wow.

And Fiji was laughter. By the end of the week, Jess and I would find ourselves rolling around in hysterics over everything and anything. Pretty sure they must think we’re looney.

Yes, after a year of intense study, sickness all through my family, then finishing it off by working 6 days a week, apparently I needed a holiday.

Fiji also meant taking the time to stop and think about how hard its been, and to even let myself feel overwhelmed for a day and wonder how on earth I’m going to get through this year….uni, sickness, sick parents, new treatments, finances, decisions.

Fiji was life in a bubble for a week. no internet. no tv. no news. so great. I was expecting internet withdrawals. Instead, when I came home and hit the on button on my macbook, I felt a little something die inside of me. Living in a bubble can be really nice. And life wasn’t meant to be spent staring at screens and reading depressing headlines.

Coming back to reality was hard. (Aaargh take me back…)

But I’ve been well reminded how I really need to take the time to enjoy life. Laugh. Play stupid games. Go dancing. Don’t take anything too seriously. It’s what keeps you going, fills you up. Sure life isn’t all a party…but I am prone to be a workaholic, and the last thing I want is to get to the end of this life and regret not living it well. I plan to live a meaningful life…and take issues of social justice very seriously…but keep it one of faith and enjoy the journey on the way.


I am considering the future of this blog. I am blown away by the fact that you guys read it…and that even when I don’t post the hits keep on coming. It’s been a great year of blogging. So thanks.

But given the complete lack of focus of this blog…and my life…might give it a break. undecided. check back later.

Oh, Happy New Year.

PS. Totally inspired by Fijians to take up firedancing. If I can get out of work and find the energy for it, starting a course in 2 weeks. WOOP

PPS. Totally planning on another Fiji trip in July…you should come.

PPPS. If you ever go to fiji…go to robinson crusoe island!

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