Happy Australia Day peeps.

So grateful.

That this week…

…I didn’t die when my shoe completely broke whilst crossing Vic Pde in front of oncoming cars

…I got to have a picnic with 2 wonderful people on the most perfectly sunny day imaginable in my favourite Melb gardens (Fitzroy)

…I got to hear Jesus Culture play “Your Love Never Fails” live…the song that got me through tough times in Guate.

…I got to catch up with a bunch of people I haven’t seen in ages

…I got accepted to go to Canberra on World Vision’s Trek Against Trafficking 2 – as part of a youth delegation to get trained up on the issues by some truly incredible people, and to do some fantastic campaigning at Parliament House..

…I got called in to work for an extra day…which paid for my ridiculously pricey parking fine (yikes! thanks manningham.)

…Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure (yes..hehe)

I am grateful.

Sure, we’re not a perfect country and we have some rough patches left over from some nasty history…

But when I read the world news headlines…we’re doing OK.

Happy Australia Day.

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