“Justice…is what love looks like in public.”

– Cornel West

Ever feel like life is trying to hint at you about something?

Human trafficking / modern slavery / bonded labour – call it what you will. It’s just…not…acceptable….at all.

And lately, it seems I can’t escape it…

In 2009 I had my first personal encounter. I met a girl in Guatemala who had been trafficked. I felt sick when I found out her story. She was 12.

Since then, I’ve read up on the issues, learned what I could, supported a few campaigns, but that was it.

But then this month happened:

– I got the amazing opportunity to go on a ‘Trek Against Trafficking’ for World Vision’s Don’t Trade Lives campaign.

– 4 (yes FOUR) of the books I was reading raised issues of slavery/trafficking.

– Then I got an email from a friend asking if I’d like to get involved in the new anti-trafficking organisation he’s starting.

– I was then invited to 2 anti-trafficking events on the one night (how often does that happen?)

– Then I read through the blogs I follow. Every second post seemed to be about human trafficking (granted, I do subscribe to loads of social justice & development blogs. but still.)

– So I read through my emails. 4 separate newsletters wrote about human trafficking.

– BBC News. Trafficking story.

– Listened to my podcasts. 2 about human trafficking.

Every day. There it is. In my face. Hmm. Hints? Or just the overwhelming reality of the presence of trafficking in our world today? Either way. Cannot ignore it.

27 million modern day slaves…in this same world, breathing the same air, right now, this second. Making our clothes, growing our food, stuck in brothels.

So many issues in the world to care about. But seems like this year, this issue is, somehow, choosing me.

So I gladly choose to join the growing movement of modern day abolitionists that are deciding to stand up and say…this needs to change. We need to change. Systems need to change. And most importantly, things can and will change.

Stay tuned. Gonna be some rad campaigns you’ll want to be involved in this year!

Trek on SBS


2 responses to ““Justice…is what love looks like in public.”

  1. Keep me updated, I want to get involved in things this year, especially with Kid A on the way.

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