How to live a thousand lives

Movies, TV, and books.

I’ve decided that life is really too short to do all the things I want to do, even in spite of the wonderfully blessed life and myriad of fantastic experiences I’ve already lived.

Turns out experiencing some things like climbing active volcanos, drinking from a coconut on the carribean and flying on a trapeze at circus school, don’t settle you, but only give you a hunger to experience more…and more…

So I was feeling frustrated that I won’t have time to do all these things that I would like, and have all the jobs I would like, and live all the places I would like.

And at the same time, I was feeling a little guilty of ‘wasting’ an abundance of time watching DVD’s and reading books.

But then it twigged….

This is how I experience things I will otherwise never even be aware of. Whether it’s walking the halls of the West Wing, fighting in an ancient European battle or photographing the slums of India, shows, documentaries, movies, biographies, memoirs and novels have opened the door to worlds that would be completely out of my reach.

A cop out? living vicariously through the (often fictional) lives of others?


But if it expands my world, challenges my worldview, teaches me about people who are completely different from myself, inspires me about life, and gives me a chance to rest, then, it is good.

No more guilt. Ha.

So I’ve decided: I’ll live as many experiences as I can. And read/watch/listen about the rest.

Starting here:
I would love to see the northern lights. However given my intense hatred of the cold and how amazingly far away the top of the world is from my home, my chances of making it to see them are slim. So maybe I’ll just watch this several times:

Wow. In awe.

One response to “How to live a thousand lives

  1. Yay Bucket list! Perhaps we could see the aurora Borealis one day!!

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