Funny how I get bursts of inspiration for my blog (and consequently a rush of posts in one or two days) which are almost always followed by dry spells of little inspiration/motivation.

But in spite of the current dry spell I’m feeling the need to post at least something, never mind if it’s poor quality, as my brain is certainly looking for an excuse to temporarily escape from reading my thrilling research methods textbook.

So I’ll leave you with simply this today: a short update, and a video.

My life right now: Study. Work. Volunteer. Study. Work. Study.

– I danced my little heart out at my besties birthday. never mind that I was the only one dancing. It was fun.

– I was thrilled to see Planetshakers Conference partner with World Vision last week and support a whole water and sanitation project in Malawi (raised so many $$’s!! Wow!). Also thrilled to see child after child get sponsored at the conference. Even though this meant riding the train home alone and exhausted at 1am amongst the rugby and footy fans who’d had a little too much fun, thinking of each of those lives that will benefit from having clean water and a decent shot at life made it a wonderful evening. One of my passions in life is to really figure out how to inspire and engage the greater population in issues of social justice…people who otherwise are unaware, don’t really care, or don’t realise what they can do…so when people stand up and begin to care for the first time, I get a bit excited. The more people mobilised – the more we can change things. Yay

– Have been amazingly committed to my studies this week. Think I realised that
a) if I don’t get on top of my assignments now, I might not actually get on top of things at all
b) thanks to the whole health issues thing I really can’t pull of the last-minute-all-nighter assignment stunts that normal students do so I gotta be organised
c) I get a kick out of getting things done. ticking things of my to-do list is one of my favourite things in life
d) the sooner I get these things done the sooner I can move on to other things.

So I could ramble on for awhile about a whole lot of nothing. But I’ll leave you with this instead:

you can sign the petition here.


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