Education in Guatemala

Just stumbled upon this quality video about children in Guate (if you want to see what I saw when I lived there, watch this…):

Oh, Guatemala!

You know, you’d think that after spending just 9 months in a country and then being back in your own for a year and a half that your memories would sort of fade…especially when you spend time studying (and even travelling) to other nations. but for some reason Guatemala remains in my thoughts. daily. and as I watch this video, I remember walking those very streets – and as much as it seems a world away, somehow it feels more real than my life here…

Beautiful country. Yes, issues. But also, amazing people. Would be back in a heartbeat if I was able.

But for now, time to keep learning how to get more kids out of situations of child labour, exploitation and risk and into school. so that when I do make it back one day…


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