Life update.

Hellooo peeps! Since I write such abstract and often mushy posts, here is what has actually been happening in my life.

In the last week or so I have:

– Experienced life as a child slave by making matchboxes on the floor for an evening. Slavemasters yelling, stomping, punishing, in between trying not to laugh it was actually a profoundly moving experience.
– Caught up with some long lost friends. Yay!
– Pulled out my rather unco african dancing moves at the unshackled concert (Rod and Zii where were you when I needed you!!)
– Played pin the tail on the donkey. And lost.
– Attended my last classes for the semester. Yay!
– Worked. and worked.
– Submitted assignments. Got better than expected grades on said assignments. (Hellooo HD’s!) Yay!
– Drank several litres of tea while doing said assignments.
– Watched a whole lot of movies/docos about Timor-Leste. Quickly falling in love with this country.
– Won movie tickets, a DVD and a $50 sports bra (what the?? the competition was for a holiday…) . Competition winning streak. Yea. Now just waiting to win my emirates return business class flights to london.
– Wrestled all over again with the fact that I am not currently doing the work I desperately want to be doing and telling myself to deal with it and be patient.
– Helped mum through another dramatic collapse. Brave soul she is.

Near Future:
– 1 exam,
– 1 presentation,
– 5,500 words to write (Then semester one = done. Degree = halfway done. Yay.)
– A car to get serviced
– Hair to get styled
– Many more poor neglected friends to attempt to catch up with
– Timor plans to make, readings to read, assignments to do (yes semester 2 assignments already! aargh)
– Semester 2 subjects to plan. Sooo excited about starting french. Stuck on deciding on my last elective. Field trip to Arnhem Land? Studying Asian economics?? African studies?? hmm decisions.
– Work, work work.
– a 25th bday party to plan.

There you go! updated. not so exciting ey. give me time. got big plans for my life. just taking me awhile to get there.

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