Unwanted Shoes

Why I am collecting shoes in order to take them with me to East Timor in 2 weeks:

My lecturer had an old pair of runners that he passed on to a farmer in Timor-Leste. I believe the convo went something like this…
“Here you are, at least they should be useful for you out in the fields.”
Farmer: “In the fields? No! This is my first pair in over ten years…I will keep them just for mass.”

Even though there is a secret part of me that dreams of living barefoot, I realise this really isn’t the best option in life…especially if you don’t have a choice, or live in a nation where parasites can enter your body through your feet. So feeling a little ridiculous that I have so many pairs of shoes just sitting in my closet, I am now clearing out and also collecting unwanted (but in good condition) shoes to take with me.

So shoes clogging your closet? Let me know!


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