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Dream Log #2

Thankfully, no grapes growing out of my head lately.

However my dreams seem to have taken a very sinister turn this week…still bizarre, but significantly more serious. I’m blaming it on this treatment I’ve been on. Apparently, in order to help my body, this treatment has to actually release toxins that were somehow already trapped in there, so I can get clear them out…making me temporarily teeming with toxicity. excuse the lack of coherent medical explanations (this is why I am not studying medicine. ahem.)

Anyway, in the last two nights of sleep I have been stabbed in the arm whilst trying to break up fight between two women – one armed with a meat cleaver, one with a knife (I swear my arm was still hurting when I woke up); I gave a eulogy at a funeral after 2 people in the same family died, and I comforted those who remained.

I rocked up to a birthday party that had been cancelled but no-one told me.I spent time travelling the U.S.A. and feeling amazingly miserable about it, even whilst telling myself that I was travelling and should feel happy.

I attended a concert, only to be disappointed to see that my ticket was for a seat in the biker section which wasn’t even in the auditorium. Then, whilst seated in this bikers section they proceeded to beat me up (disclaimer: my dreams don’t reflect my attitudes…I have never thought of bikers as particularly threatening and am in fact friends with quite a few. my dreams come from someplace else), and I was only rescued from complete destruction by the urgent call of my family. I then ran away to find my dad lying in a hospital bed with stitches running right around his head, and was told that they would have to “completely reconstruct his head” (whoa, right!) because he had injured the middle (yes, the very middle, not sure how he managed this) of his brain. Mum was next to the bed, understandably pretty upset.

Death, violence, and misery…as entertaining as they are when I wake up and think about it, I am looking forward to not having toxic dreams anymore. It would be nice for sleep to actually be restful.

The Freak that is my Subsconscious

My dreams provide me with the best entertainment. Really. Sometimes I just wake up and laugh. Pretty sure I need to start a dream log cos I keep forgetting the best ones.

My dreams rarely seem to have any relevance to what I think about/do when I’m conscious and therefore leave me totally confounded as to where they actually come from.


2 nights ago, in far off dreamland, I had a bunch of grapes growing out of my head.

I was trying to hide them in my curls while I figured out how to get rid of them. I remember thinking that chopping them off would hurt.

Oh, there was also a satin multi-coloured goats ear growing out of my head as well.


Don’t even ask me about the one with Britney Spears (Britney?? really? where does this come from??)

The creativity of my subconscious astounds me (& makes me think I’m possibly a little crazy). If only I could be so creative when I am awake.